What are the Core Values of Higher Purpose?

  1. Upholding Christian values and good virtue
  2. Pursuing holistic well being of individuals, communities and nature
  3. Achieving sustainable growth



To build an effective global BHP platform for business leaders and entrepreneurs to share, learn, collaborate and grow



  1. To identify BHP leaders who are willing to give, share, lead and nurture new BHP business owners/entrepreneurs
  2. To engage and facilitate BHP guardian angels, including Venture Capital (VC) investors, business coaches and spiritual coaches to support the BHP leaders and business/entrepreneurs
  3. To incubate and accelerate new BHP entrepreneurs and other business transformation for BHP growth and succession
  4. To build and enhance BHP global infrastructure and online/offline platforms


BHP Business : 3 Pillar Strategies

  1. Creating fair and lively sustainable profit and wealth in the community where BHP company operates
  2. Providing jobs that enable employee and family both livelihood and dignity
  3. Evaluating, learning and continuously developing business model to achieve sustainable growth and succession


Who will contribute to this BHP platform?

BHP Leader

Successful business owner who admits that:-

  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour
  • I am a steward running my business with BHP Core Values and bringing fair profit and blessings to all stakeholders.
  • So help me God.

BHP Guardian Angels

  • Spiritual Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Angel Investor

BHP Entrepreneur/Business transformation

  • Existing business boss transformation to BHP leader
  • Graduates
  • “Streetwise”
  • Career-change professionals
  • Retirees



BHP Platform – 3 key players




BHP Platform – Product/Service Hierarchy