2020 is a special year for everyone around the world.  Let’s make this 2020 Father’s Day unforgettable and meaningful:

You can nominate a wonderful dad to receive a FREE Father’s Day gift
The nomination is over and we appreciate your participation
You can be a sponsor of the Father’s Day gifts

The purpose is to show appreciation to our wonderful dads and to support local start-ups, and local/overseas small businesses (SMEs) with higher purpose – it’s more than just a gift!  The FREE gift will include the 3 meaningful packages below:

1. Supporting “Business with Higher Purpose” (BHP) in Africa



2. Supporting a young entrepreneur’s dream photography studio in GTA

Don’t forget to give thanks to God and count His blessings during good and rough times.  How about a family photo capturing special milestones during a pandemic?  In the church foyer and His garden.

How about a drone family photo?

3. Supporting our local businesses: Asian Legend Cuisine and Joseph’s Estate wines

Chinese dish and Canadian wine pairing!