We’re looking to thank and appreciate wonderful moms and also support our local small businesses in GTA. Please nominate a mom to receive a yummy and heartfelt gift. We are looking for 50 moms to receive a free meal along with a carnation flower.

Every mom deserves recognition for the all the wonderful things they do and their attentiveness. Since this is our first go we’re limiting recipients to the first 50 nominees. If selected the contact person will be notified.




Instructions to prepare the Ramen

  1. Add Ramen to boiling water for 1min 50 seconds then put it in a bowl.
    Heat up the soup base in microwave oven (about 2 mins).
    滾水後加拉麵煮 1分鐘50秒, 然放在碗中, 湯底在微波爐加熱約2分鐘
  1. Put the cooked Ramen into the hot soup base and a delicious Ajisen Ramen is ready to serve.
    將拉麵放入熱湯底碗, 就有一碗美味的「愛心」味千拉麵


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